violin, piano 2001 


piano/fender rhodes 2005

5 Rings

violin, piano 2006

Cuarto II

piano/fender rhodes 2009

Shadow of Equilibrium

solo piano/solo piano and electronics 2009 score

Dasgah Memories

Electric guitar and Darbuka 2016

Forest Path

Solo drum kit (written for Christophe Fellay) 2019 score


SMALL ENSEMBLE < less than 6 players


Non-Garbesque Exploitation

string quartet 1999

The Laugh

soprano voice, piano, electric guitar 2005

Amerique arr.

improvising electric jazz quartet 2010

Alterity arr.

electric jazz quintet 2010

Webern Op 27 arr.

improvising jazz trio 2012

…round the decay

Soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, electric guitar, electric piano+sub bass, drum kit (written for Tim Garland) 2012

Light Room

Piano, Electric guitar and Electronics  2015

‘…Stunned Moon…’

String Trio - premiered at the ‘New Tropic’, Miami  2016 score


Sarangi, setar, electric guitar, violin, ‘cello, tabla 2017 score

The Glowworm Glows (for Gokumi Ensemble)

Taegum, chromatic harmonic, violin, electric guitar, bass clarinet, darbuka 2018

Blue Grey Skies

Soprano voice, electric guitar, piano, junk percussion 2019


LARGE ENSEMBLE > more than 6 players


6 Pianos 2007

Little White Face

Japanese flutes, flute, effected guitar, keyboard, piano, drum set 2010

- born, just like that...

duduk, alto flute, sho, kemanche, setar, violin, viola, cello, double bass 2012 score

Red Rays Fall

Flexible Ensemble 2013

The Glowworm Glows

Three ‘cellos and ‘Notes Inegales' (flexible) ensemble 2015





Yen Pox

orchestra 2009




State of Control’

Theatrical performer/pianist and directed large scale improvising ensemble.


Music Orbit Short Film Festival

A series of pieces to accompany film, curated by Joe Banks, featuring an improvising ensemble of trumpet, guitar, effected voice, chromatic harmonica, electronics and toys.


Brew Pagers

A series of one page scores performed and recorded for contemporary ensemble ‘Notes Inégales’, based around Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew album, featuring directed improvisation by Peter Wiegold.


The Sound We Inhabit’

Collaboration with artist Ben McDonnell working with frequencies present in a room at Chisenhale Galleries leading the Gokumi Ensemble.