'...drawing bright and pulsing riffs over an ostinato that threatened to but never quite overwhelmed the line. They finished with pure improvisation, though the material was consciously ‘dirty’ in origin...

                                                -4 stars, Amati magazine, Club Inégales, London, 16 April 2015, Peter Quantrill

....‘Diamonds in the Sand’ by guitarist Joel Bell ... good examples of creating engaging crossover works of both Eastern and Western influence in contemporary compositional style, but relying on older forms and musical archetypes to create something original. Mr. Bell’s piece excelled in combining jazz elements, beat cycles and colours, with improvisational elements...

                                                -Calgary Herald, Banff, Canada, April 1, 2015, Stephan Bonfield


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Previous events


Chinese New Year Concert

Queen Mary University, London

Guests include well-known Chinese musicians and innovative Western musicians from the UK. You will hear pure music from each side and fabulous collaborations from them. Furthermore, the Magnetic Resonator Piano will present the cutting-edge augmented instrument music. You will see and hear how musicians collaborate among different cultures and styles in music.



Live Performance on BBC Radio 3 - In Tune


European tour with Notés Inégales


Club Inégales at LJF


Notes Inegales with ranjana ghatak

Club Inegales, North Gower Street

London born Ranjana has always felt a strong passion and curiosity about her South Asian roots. She has expressed her love of this culture through several years of training in North Indian singing, whilst immersing herself in the life and sounds of contemporary Britain. After seeing her favourite singer perform in London, Ranjana entered a new chapter of her life by starting a new phase of training with acclaimed vocalist Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty in Kolkata, India(2000).

She has worked as both an artist and educator for organisations across the UK, including the Southbank Centre, City of London Festival, the British Museum, Serious International Music Producers and Dulwich Picture Gallery. Ranjana previously also spent five years as an education project manager for the London Symphony Orchestra. http://www.clubinegales.com/archives/event/ranjana-ghatak