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… fire, water, wind and earth, do not exist materially… just energy or potential or readiness. As soon as these four come into being there is the final element, gokumi.

  • Sandokai Lectures, Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki-roshi

Gokumi is a new ensemble featuring players from Korean, modern classical, Jazz and Arabic traditions.

Bleeding improvisation into composition, the Gokumi Ensemble is looking for ways to draw the fire and intimacy of the traditional Indian house concert whilst exploring the cutting edge of new ways to make music.

Gokumi is about the explosion of different elements. Personalities and cultures transformed by meeting one another.


Electric Guitar/Conductor/Composition - Joel Bell

Taegum Flute - Hyelim Kim

Violin - Jo Lawrence

'Cello - Colin Alexander

Bass - Matt Ridley

Daf/Dumbek/Percussion - Ant Romero